Multimodal School of Byzantine Music, Practice and Theory

The Complete Anastasimatarion (Greek)

The project is complete. We would like to thank all the viewers for their patience and the many people who submitted very important questions during the past 18 months.

To access pre-recorded and all previous broadcasts click the lessons in the video window or here. Very soon, we will properly catalogue all lessons according to tone, eirmologic or slow eirmologic/stichiraric, the 11 eothina and more. We hope to embark on a new project in the coming months, and all live broadcasts will take place in this window.

We have used the Anastasimatarion of Ioannis Protopsaltis (1905). You can download it here. It is the precursor of, and identical to the Anastasimatarion as published by ZOI (Apostoliki Diakonia). We thank Fr. Ephraim of the Monastery of St-Anthony in Arizona (USA) as well as a faithful pilgrim of the monastery for the book scan and permission to upload and use the Ioannis Protopsaltis Anastasimatarion.

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